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Corrections policy We are committed to getting it right than first. However, if you see a mistake or omission in any of our reports, please let us know. Our team will be ready to correct them as quickly and transparently as we can. You can send corrections or complaints to [email protected]. You can also send feedback via the Contact Us section on our website. All correspondence will be reviewed and appropriately answered within the shortest possible time. To ensure we fully grasp what your concerns are, comments and complaints should be as clear as possible. Where possible, please include any links to reference material or data that is publicly accessible. We cannot promise to check every claim suggested but we do promise to read all suggestions. For our team to research a claim, the claim must be:
  1. A statement made in public, which can be attributed to a specific person (e.g. a public official or a social media user) or organization (e.g. a report)
  2. An assertion or allegation that can be validated or refuted
  3. Based on past or present actions (i.e. not speculative about the future or an opinion)
  4. A widely shared claim that might have an impact on the public if it goes unchecked
You can send a claim via the “Contact Us” page on our website or reach us on social media-Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But note that our focus is to fact-check claims and not individuals.