Claim: Lassa Fever outbreak in Ghana

Source: Viral video


Researched by Sedem Kwasigah

A short video clip is being widely circulated on WhatsApp claiming there is an outbreak of Lassa Fever in Ghana.

The 4-minute and 41-second long video tagged as “Forwarded many times” shows pictures of rats and a woman with blood oozing out of her mouth and ears. The video also has a text stamp that reads: “Breaking news in Ghana. Lassa Fever outbreak. Please share with your friends.”


A screenshot of the video shared on WhatsApp

In the video, one can hear a woman speaking in an indigenous Ghanaian language – Twi, and according to her, the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) and the Ghana Health Service have confirmed a health alert; “… A recent statement by the Ghana Health Service indicated that two people had been infected, one of whom is dead, but the number has increased to 13, making the total number of active cases 13,” she said.


A quick online search by GhanaFact showed the same video had been shared by some YouTube channels (1,2,3).

However, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has dismissed the claim as false and called on the public to disregard it. “This is an old reportage that is being recirculated. There is currently no outbreak of Lassa Fever in the country. Please disregard it,” the health agency in charge of providing and managing healthcare delivery in Ghana, the Ghana Health Services (GHS) said.

On February 24, 2023, the Ghana Health Service confirmed two cases of Lassa Fever in Ghana (here) and a few days later 27 other cases were confirmed.

However, on May 2, 2023, the Ghana Health Service declared an end to the Lassa Fever outbreak in Ghana and in a  press statement, the health agency noted that the country had not recorded any case of Lassa Fever over 42 days, which is the WHO mandatory surveillance period from when the last case is discharged.

Meanwhile, the President of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr Frank Serebour, debunked the claim and said: “It is an old issue and not current” when contacted by GhanaFact.


The claim is misleading.