Claim: Ghanaian military officer killed in Ashaiman

Source: Viral social media post

Verdict: FALSE

Researched by Gifty Tracy Aminu

Ashaiman, a town in the Greater Accra region has been trending number 1 on X/Twitter and according to the dominant narrative online, it is because a Ghanaian military officer has been allegedly killed in the area.

A screenshot of the top trends in Ghana on February 16, 2024 | Shot taken at 2: 18 PM

On Facebook and X/Twitter, several social media users have chimed in on the conversation, with one netizen claiming that: soldier was robbed and killed while trying to take out money from an ATM early in the morning. Rumours have it that, his wife who is pregnant and, in the hospital, needed money for treatment.” 

A screengrab of a post on X/Twitter
A screengrab of a post on X

On the microblogging app, X/Twitter, the claim comes with multiple videos, memes and pictures suggesting the Ghana Armed Forces is planning a reprisal attack against the community.

Fact – Check

In an interview with GhanaFact, the Director General of Public Affairs of the Ghana Armed Forces, Col. Aggrey Quarshie clarified that: “They killed somebody who was wearing a military pattern T-shirt, but he is not a soldier. No soldier has been killed in Ashaiman.”

Also, a credible digital news platform, Graphic Online has reported the stabbing to death of an unidentified man at dawn on Thursday, February 15, 2024, by suspected armed robbers in Ashaiman.

“The incident occurred at about 4:30 am on  Thursday near Goodness filling station at the Ashaiman main bus [trotro] stop,” the story partly reads.


The claim is false