Claim: A video clip shows a confrontation between a civilian and a soldier in Ashaiman

Source: Twitter


Researched by Gifty Tracy Aminu

A short video clip showing a confrontation between a civilian and a soldier, with the civilian man seen aiming a punch at the military officer after receiving some whips is being widely shared on social media (here, here, here, here).

The video clip which is about 7 seconds long and also shows the civilian man taking to his heels soon after trying to hit back at the soldier is being portrayed online as having happened in Ashaiman, in the Greater Accra Region.

A screenshot of how some Tweeps are portraying the video online


A screenshot of how some Tweeps are portraying the video online

Ashaiman has remained in the top 5 leading trends on social media in Ghana over the last 24 hours following a rambo-style raid on the community by soldiers from the Ghana Armed Forces, who allegedly went to avenge the killing of their colleague in the area.

Despite clarifications from the Ghana Armed Forces that the “intelligence-led operation” was sanctioned by the Military High Command and the Government of Ghana, the swoop has been criticized for unleashing torture, and brutality on innocent citizens.

This fact-check report seeks to verify whether the video was indeed captured in Ashaiman.



Using the InVID video verification tool, GhanaFact has found that the video has been in circulation online since April 1, 2020, during the COVID-19-induced lockdown and was originally 17 seconds long.

A screengrab of the video posted on Twitter in 2020

Between March and April 2020, about 37,500 police and military personnel were deployed across various parts of the country to help enforce measures instituted to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

So, the video clip was shared on social media platforms to suggest it was a confrontation that happened when a military officer apprehended some civilians who flouted the lockdown regulations.

However, the Ghana Armed Forces at the time dismissed the claims and suggested it rather happened in 2019.

“According to the Ghana Armed Forces, this viral video of a civilian hitting a military man happened in 2019 and is not related to the current coronavirus lockdown,” the Facebook page of Joy FM, a leading media organization in Ghana stated.



The claim that a video clip showing a confrontation between a civilian and a soldier happened in Ashaiman is FALSE. The video is being MISLEADINGLY portrayed.