There are widespread reports online suggesting a fire outbreak at the Bank of Ghana (BoG), with accompanying videos showing smoke billowing from the Central Bank’s building complex.

The claim has since gone viral on social media – Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp – after being mainstreamed by a number of credible media platforms (here) and is currently leading the trends on Twitter.

Top 5 trends on Twitter on December 2,2022



The Bank of Ghana(BoG) in a statement has debunked the claim and called on the public to disregard the reports.

According to the Central Bank, a routine fire drill (simulation exercise) to prepare staff for a real-time fire situation was being misconstrued.

“The (simulation)exercise was conducted in collaboration with the Ghana National Fire Service, the National Ambulance Service and the Ghana Police Service,” the BoG said.

The Ghana National Fire Service has also confirmed: “it wasn’t a fire incident,”  the Director of Public Relations, ACFO Timothy Osafo-Affum clarified when contacted by GhanaFact.


By: Gifty Tracy Aminu