In recent days, trends have emerged on various social media platforms in Ghana and Nigeria, where some major news events and the nationalities of some popular people have been misattributed.

Socialites and actors from either country including Mona Montrage (Hajia4real), Seun Kuti, Hilda Bassey and other key personalities have had their nationalities switched in online conversations.

These posts have gone viral on social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, and here is an explainer to help you make meaning of the new social media trend.


Personality 1

On May 17, 2023, Lamidi Apapa – a factional leader of the Labour Party – definantly appeared at the Presidential Election Petition in the case challenging the outcome of the 25 February presidential election. This is even though the presidential petition was filed by the Labour Party and its candidate, Peter Obi.

Within a few hours of the incident, social media platforms were flooded with claims that he is Ghanaian instead of a Nigerian as can be found on TwitterFacebook and on the screenshot below.

A screenshot of a Tweet misrepresenting the nationality of Lamidi Apapa

Meanwhile, some credible Nigerian news publications identified Lamini Apapa as a Nigerian and a political leader. Following the recent presidential election in Nigeria, controversies arose over his chairmanship position in the Labour Party. On May 18, 2023, the Labour Party issued a statement disowning Lamidi’s faction of the Party.


Personality 2

From May 11 to May 15, 2023, a chef, Hilda Bassey, in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time by an individual, undertook a 100-hour cook – a – thon marathon that gave the 27-year-old a lot of media visibility.

Citizens of both countries again claimed ownership of Hilda Bassey and her extraordinary achievement on social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook.

However, she debunked the claims of being a Ghanaian during an interview (3:45 to 4:00) on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, as she declared her nationality as Nigerian.

Meanwhile, Guinness World Records is yet to recognise her achievement.

A screenshot of a Tweet falsely suggesting Hilda Bassey is Ghanaian


Personality 3

In another case involving the arrest of Afro beats Musician Seun Kuti on May 15, 2023, trends emerged on social media again. Some Twitter users took to the microblogging platform to write misleading content about his nationality.

According to the official website of the Musician, he is the son of a famous Nigerian musician, Fela Kuti contrary to claims on social media.

A viral Tweet falsely suggesting Seun Kuti is Ghanaian

Personality 4

Following the extradition of Mona Fraiz Montrage by the US Government from the United Kingdom on Friday, May 12, 2023, some Ghanaian social media users shared posts suggesting she is Nigerian.

However, her nationality as a Ghanaian has been widely reported by credible local and international credible news outlets including Citi FM, Joy FM, CNNBBC, and the US Department of Justice.

Mona Montrage is a 30-year-old Ghanaian influencer, model and musician with over four million followers on Instagram.

A viral Tweet about influencer Hajia4Real



GhanaFact would like to bring to the attention of the public that these highlighted trends are purely satirical. Therefore, social media users are informed to be on the lookout for these misrepresentations on social media platforms.


By: Sedem Kwasigah